The Big Mistake Executive Teams are Making

Most Executive Teams assume that employees are connected to the company’s vision statement because it’s shared in Town Halls and on intranet documents. But the big mistake that Executive Teams make is assuming that employees know how to apply that vision statement to how they communicate, collaborate, and make decisions on a daily basis.

Having a compelling Vision Statement matters because the entire organization needs to know where the company headed and why it’s headed that way. In essence, a vision is a common purpose, a powerful workplace motivator if used well. When applied in an organizational setting, a vision guides the collective movement of Executive and non-executive leaders alike.

Executive Teams are responsible for setting the vision of the organization, and they should be able to draw a direct connection between that vision and the decisions they make. Effective teams then take the time to explain the how and why of a decision to the entire organization, demonstrating the connection to that vision. This teaches the rest of the organization how to draw on their own connection to the greater vision when making their own decisions, moving the entire organization towards the collective goal.

For example, if a biotech company has a vision of being the leading provider of gene-sequencing equipment, the executives may make the decision to discontinue investment in other areas of research. This decision, and the clear link to the vision models the proper course for employees who might be working on items counterproductive to the business strategy. It gives them direction to course-correct their own day to day actions. When employees at every level are clear about the company’s WHY, they can make better decisions that move the company faster toward the goal.

It’s important for leaders and teams to know and come back to a very compelling, specific, and succinct vision – the why and where we are headed. Vision is the crucial first step to aligning the organization’s culture with its business strategy.

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In case you are wondering, here are Ziksana’s Vision and Values:

And here is a photo of Team Ziksana living out the play side of our vision, which gives us permission to laugh and play and support each other no matter what.

Wonder Spaces 2017 by Team Ziksana: Play fuels our productivity

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