Level 1

Tactical & Strategic Coaching

For Leaders who are new to role or may be challenged with the growing responsibilities of their current role, Ziksana offers one on one Tactical & Strategic Coaching. Leaders will:

  • Learn: How to assess the priorities of the company and guide their efforts by balancing tasks with impact on people.   Leaders will learn how to deal with difficult performance and conflict conversations as well as influence leaders above them to demonstrate strategic thinking.
  • Experience confidential 1:1 coaching where alternative perspectives and insights will be shared each time.  A high level of accountability will be held as homework and behavior change is assigned between each session.
  • Apply the most innovative and practical leadership tools and conversation guides to motivate your teams and solve critical business challenges, all while having a fun coaching experience.
Level 2

Personal Development

Coaching for Personal Development is a long-term engagement often lasting 6 months or more. The coaching relationship starts with our signature 360 assessment to gather data points from a wide variety of stakeholders.

  • Learn about how you are perceived by key leaders and stakeholders in your company so you can take control over your leadership reputation.  Starting with this data, the coach and coachee identify areas to focus on in order to become the best leader possible.
  • Experience our Productivity & Play framework and process to guide how to balance focusing energy on relationships and results at the same time.  Alternating between challenge and fun, our coaches act as a sounding board, cheerleader, and devils-advocate to push leaders out of their comfort zone to become a more effective, compassionate leader and human.
  • Apply the latest leadership diagnostic and conversation tools to improve how others see you in your organization so you can become more trusted and respected.