Team Ziksana at Wonder Spaces

Exactly two weeks ago, Team Ziksana bonded at Wonder Spaces, a pop-up art exhibit in San Diego.

Our play goal: to inspire our sense of wonder and awe, and to spend time connecting with each other.

Our productivity goal: to find new ways to connect people and think about work and play differently. To do so, we took time to actively reflect on how we can connect our new learnings to the work that we do.

We are constantly exploring AND integrating what we learn to the work that we do – for YOU!

We selfied, drew on walls with a big ball, wore our emotion buttons, made colorful shadows, and created our own exhibit: when there’s playful people, there’s a way to make even the seemingly mundane and ordinary more fun. 

We agree with Gwen Gordon – playful people make better leaders, and the Future of Work is Play!

We had a blast enjoying the time and space to explore, chase curiosity, and interact with new creative play tools that fuel Ziksana’s capacity to deliver remarkable experiences.

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-Written while listening to Rodrigo y Gabriela

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