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San Diego Management Training

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San Diego Management Training

Manager Skills

Team Innovation Training

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Team Innovation Training

San Diego organizational culture consulting
Level 1

Personal Brand and Feedback

Giving & Receiving Effective Feedback is a workshop where managers learn and practice how to deliver feedback to the people around them. Participants will:

  • Learn why behavior-based feedback is a critical skill as your teams and company grows.
  • Experience a fun mini-simulation to raise their level of empathy for various levels of leadership in the organization, making feedback an empathetic practice. 
  • Apply a feedback tool to everyday and performance conversations to raise the level of communication and productivity immediately.
Level 2

Strengths-Based Leadership & Teaming

Strengths-Based Leadership & Teaming teaches managers how to apply their CliftonStrengths® to become more productive.  Participants will:

  • Learn about why Strengths-Based Leadership is changing the way individuals and teams make an impact in your organization, and understand your Top 5 strengths profile.
  • Experience a game simulation that demonstrates how strengths-based teams can assign the right responsibilities based on individual’s strengths profile.
  • Apply a simple tool to boost productivity and learn how to architect a strengths-based team at work.
Level 3

Performance & Development Coaching

Performance & Development Coaching is a workshop for managers who need to have more effective conversations with their direct reports and team members. Participants will:

  • Learn the difference between Performance and Development coaching and when to use either one.
  • Experience fun role plays that lower the stakes, yet boosts confidence in the skill of coaching.
  • Apply a simple framework for coaching and a diagnostic on personal motivation that will enable better coaching.
Level 1

Establishing Psychological Safety & Trust

Establishing Psychological Safety is vital for individuals on teams to feel valued.  In this workshop participants will renew your skill of Appreciative Listening to establish connection and trust among a team.  Participants will:

  • Learn why listening is a core communication skill that can help propel psychological safety.  
  • Experience exercises from Applied Improvisation Theater to help make practicing listening fun and practical.
  • Apply a simple diagnostic tool on psychological safety to your team at work and determine the best ways to take action with the team.  
Level 2

Developing High Performing Teams

Developing High Performing Teams is a workshop on the elements of trust using knowledge of team members’ communication and collaboration styles.  Participants will:

  • Learn the elements of trust with actionable behaviors to focus on as well as use the DiSC Everything Workplace assessment to understand communication and collaboration preferences on your team.
  • Experience a fun, high-pressure game of secrets and deception in order to understand the 4 elements of trust and how easily they can be deteriorated between individuals.
  • Apply a simple framework and tool to diagnose your level of trust with others in your team with actionable next steps.  Use tips from the DiSC Everything Workplace assessment on how to adapt your communication style to develop higher levels of trust among others.
Level 3

Problem Solving Lab

The Problem Solving Lab is the ultimate workshop in team development. This workshop is recommended for in-tact teams that can bring a business challenge and develop new solutions through a creative problem solving process.  Participants will:

  • Learn to reframe your challenge(s), gather divergent ideas, and set criteria to choose the best ideas and solutions.  Teams will identify their values that encourage creativity and adherence to process.
  • Experience play-based techniques and games to unlock the group’s creativity and facilitate innovation across their organizations.
  • Apply a straightforward process inspired by Design Thinking to any team challenge in order to get novel solutions.