Three Questions to Quickly Gauge Employee Motivation

In our previous articles, we’ve covered how Vision can be your employee’s guidepost for making decisions and how executive teams can align their strategy with their vision. Now it’s time to execute that strategy- and to do that, you have to have a motivated Culture.

At Ziksana, we believe that culture FUELS strategy. When leaders ignite employees with strategic goals and the right kinds of challenges, employees come to work fired up about completing tasks with a sense of purpose. When leaders create the conditions for a culture of learning and innovation, teams can experiment with fresh ways to solve tough challenges together and go above and beyond when needed.

Here are three questions you can ask yourself to gauge the level of work Motivation, or Employee Engagement, in your organization:

  • Are people telling positive stories about the people and Leaders they work with?
  • Are employees reaching and celebrating milestones often, even in the face of tough challenges?
  • Are leaders and teams taking smart risks to find new ways to achieve the company’s vision faster?

When Senior Leaders set and adhere to a Compelling Vision, a Motivated Culture, and Strategic Alignment, every employee can see your organization’s current and future state. The gaps between where the company is and where it needs to become more transparent, and a strategy for how to close those gaps can be planned.

Ultimately, who is at the core of that strategy? Your people. To execute to the fullest potential, your employees are better in a motivated culture

To ensure your Culture is set to continuously support your strategy, start by taking our newly released VAM diagnostic today. The VAM diagnostic can help you evaluate how well your employee motivation and company vision are aligned to give you a holistic view of your business’s current state and opportunities to make improvements.

Ready for a deeper dive into Culture & Strategy? Learn more about creating positive motivation, an enjoyable employee experience, and long term motivation in our live online workshop “Managing Personal and Team Motivation!”

Watch Ziksana’s Founder, Akshay Sateesh, discuss what is needed to have a motivated culture!

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