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Science of Play

Neuroscience Research shows that PLAY activates both

The Prefrontal Cortex and The Amygdala

Creating more Effective Leaders!

Leaders, Teams, and Organizations
who know how to activate

Productivity and Play

more Successful

Adult playfulness is ‘‘[…] an individual differences variable that allows people to frame or reframe everyday situations in a way such that they experience them as entertaining, and/or intellectually stimulating, and/or personally interesting” (Proyer, 2017; p. 114).

Social Science Research shows that Play-Based Learning…

Supports Innovative Culture
Creates Better Leaders
Builds High-Performing Teams

Supports Innovative Culture


allows people to be spontaneous, creative, and think outside the box!


more creative product ideas generated


of executives were more willing to celebrate their employees’ mistakes’


of participants were more willing to take risks’

Play allows people to feel safe taking risks, trying new ideas, and learning from mistakes!

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