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Science of Play

Neuroscience Research shows that PLAY activates both

The Prefrontal Cortex and The Amygdala

Creating Leaders, Teams, and Organizations
who know how to balance Productivity and Play

Social Science Research Shows that Play-Based Learning…

Create Better Leaders

  • 100% of leaders reported acquiring more effective listening skills as a result of play-based training.
  • 60% of leaders reported that Ziksana’s play-based workshops gave them the opportunity to practice managing uncertainty.

Supports Innovative Culture

  • 37% more creative product ideas were generated as a result of play-based learning.
  • 80% of participants were more willing to take risks in a play-based learning environment facilitated by Ziksana experts.

Builds High-Performing Teams

  • 90% of team members were willing to give and receive feedback after participating in a play-based training workshop facilitated by Ziksana.
  • Participants reported increased trust and mutual understanding as a result of participating in play-based training workshops.