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Culture & Strategy

Company Culture Training

Culture & Strategy

Company Culture Training
Level 1

Renew Company Vision

Leaders have to paint a vision that inspires teams to communicate the “why” of the company clearly and often.  Leaders will:

  • Learn to connect with and align your executive team as you envision the future of your company.  Create your unique vision statement together and learn how to use it within your organization.
  • Experience fun team activities to build psychological safety and get your team imagining the exciting future of your company.
  • Apply a simple step-by-step process to create and use a compelling vision for your company.  
Level 2

Shape Company Values

Values create a company culture that people are proud of and excited about. A company’s values are essential when measuring individual and team behaviors. Leaders will:

  • Learn how to create a culture that will motivate employees and support your company’s vision.  Learn how to live out your values in making decisions, communicating with others, solving problems, collaborating and developing people.
  • Experience games and team discussion to name the most important values and behaviors to shape the future culture of your company.   
  • Apply a proprietary method, based on productivity & play, by creating pairs of values that you can use for decision making in any situation.
Level 3

Prioritize Strategic Goals

Leaders need to set the priorities and goals to achieve the company’s vision.  Crafting the right milestones and metrics are crucial to keep the organization headed in the right direction.  Leaders will:

  • Learn how to align on priorities and set strategic goals that extend to both culture and overall business growth.  
  • Experience impactful debates and an engaging facilitated process to align and prioritize company goals while thinking about how to get the right people in the right roles and the right resources needed to achieve the company’s strategy.
  • Apply a simple tool to help your team prioritize and define metrics easily for strategic goals.