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Performance Coaching for Managers

Performance Coaching Toolkit

Price: $99

You want to coach your employees so they can understand how to improve their performance, learn how they can make progress, and excel in their current role.

Our Toolkit Includes:

  • A guide to our 5-step Performance Coaching Process
  • Research and resources to help further your understanding of performance coaching 
  • A role play activity to practice coaching
  • Performance Conversation Planner to help guide you through your coaching conversations
  • Instructional walk-through videos 
  • Ziksana Team support for questions on the toolkit or on offerings around performance coaching

The Benefits:

  • Learn how to help employees understand and embrace their challenges 
  • Increase the level of performance from your team 
  • Develop confidence in your ability to coach staff
  • Build rapport with your team members
  • Promote an action oriented environment

Performance coaching has significant positive results for:

  • Helping employees to achieve their goals
  • Setting performance expectations
  • Establishing a performance culture


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