Managing Personal & Team Motivation2020-07-01T08:23:55+00:00

Virtual Workshop: Managing Personal & Team Motivation

As many individuals begin to work remotely, we recognize that this could be unfamiliar ground for both employees and managers alike. Are you struggling to manage your energy while working remotely?

Join Ziksana’s Virtual Workshop: Managing Personal & Team Motivation, Thursday, June 4th, from 11:00 am-12:00 pm PST.

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Our Virtual workshop will provide you with:

  • A guide to the 5 Play Preferences and how each one recharges through play.
  • A simple tool for managing personal & team priorities.
  • A strategy for Creating effective motivation in times of stress and distraction working from home.

The event will be held via Zoom. If you are new to using the platform, you can view this helpful tutorial on how to get started.