Laura Fleig

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Laura Fleig


Laura is a New-York native with a degree in Criminal Justice & Psychology from the University of Albany. She moved to San Diego in 2014 and began working as a residential counselor for children in the foster-care system. During this time, Laura became deeply interested in how to create a therapeutic group environment where people could learn and grow. She’s continued this exploration in her current work as a group facilitator at UCSD and Positive Adventures. Laura is extremely passionate about Nonviolent Communication and creating more harmonious communities.

What I Do At Ziksana

Laura joined the Ziksana team in 2019 as a Facilitator at Francis Parker School. She is currently teaching a children’s summer class on developing leadership and collaboration skills through play!

How I Like To Play

Laura loves all things outdoor adventure! She enjoys hiking, running, rock climbing, and horseback riding. She also loves facilitating groups and considers it a form of play! Laura likes to think quickly on her feet, and has been developing her freestyle rapping skills over the last year.