January Newsletter


PlayTank 2017, The Nerdery, and a

January holiday you should know about!


PlayTank is our 90-minute FREE public event where professionals can network and explore topics through the science of play. In February 2017, PlayTank is back with even more opportunities for you to learn and play!


January 27th is “International Have Fun at Work Day! When we take time to play, we’re more productive at work. Try the game below before your next meeting to get your team connected and energized! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for even more games!

For almost two years we’ve put on our FREE 90-minute PlayTank event for San Diego professionals to network and explore topics through the science of play.


Thanks to PlayTank members feedback, we were able to create our 2017 PlayTank lineup below.


To reserve your spot at the February PlayTank for you and a guest, simply click the RSVP link below. If you’d like to sign up for a different PlayTank event, send us an email and let us know which event you’d like to attend!

PlayTank San Diego 2017 Schedule

6:30pm – 8:00pm

Downtown San Diego

FEBRUARY 16th: What is Play & Why is it Relevant to Work?

APRIL 13th: Why Creative Arts is Critical for Innovation

JUNE 15th: Applied Improvisation: What Is It Good For?

AUGUST 17th: Creating a Culture based on Productivity & Play

OCTOBER 19th: Gamification – What is it and does it work?

DECEMBER 14th: What Adults can learn from Dr. Seuss.

(Holiday Party back by popular demand!)

February Playtank RSVP

This is Mark Hurlbert, former Chief Strategy Officer at The Nerdery, a company run by nerds, for nerds. Here he is in a company bio photo wearing a Nintendo Power Glove. We were stoked to sit down with Mark Hurlbert, former Chief Strategy Officer at The Nerdery, a company whose vision statement is, “We are the best place for nerds to work.” In fact, The Nerdery was voted #1 best place to work by the Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal. So, naturally, we wanted to lean more about their ‘nerds’ and discover their secret to providing such a happy, successful corporate culture.

Read Mark’s Full Interview Here

The holidays aren’t over just yet! Just around the corner is

Have Fun At Work Day!  

January 27th!

Friday, January 27th is “International Have Fun At Work Day”, and it’s a holiday Ziksana can really get behind. That’s why we’re giving away a bunch of game guides this month to play at work to inject some fun and creativity to your office routine. Play this game before you begin a meeting with your coworkers:

Name: ZIP! ZAP! ZOP!

Time required: 5 minutes

Purpose: Re-energize your team for the 2pm meeting and make sure people are listening to

each other.


Ask everyone to stand in a circle.

Have your team say, “Zip! Zap! Zop!” all together a few times.

To start the game, tell all players to imagine they have a bolt of energy in their body.

The first person to start will send that bolt out of energy out to someone else in the circle and say, “Zip!”

The next person takes the energy, and passes it immediately to someone else saying “Zap!”

The third person passes it on to another participant with a “Zop!”

Anyone sending the Zip! Zap! Zop! must use their hands, body, eyes, and voice to make contact across the circle. The goal is to be very direct so there is no question who you are sending it to.

The game continues and the “Zip! Zap! Zop!” sequence is repeated as the energy moves around the circle.

Extra credit: Try changing up the energy of the Zip! Zap! Zop! Try playing with energy that is: calm, frantic, or even slow motion!

We want to hear from you! Send us an email by clicking on the button below and let us know if you’re looking for a game for your office to connect and/or re-energize your team. We’re here to help!

And follow us on Facebook and Instagram as we lead up to International Have Fun At Work Day – we’re going to share some of our favorite games to play and meet some of the Ziksana staff!

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