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“We hired Ziksana to perform executive leadership coaching with me.  Our goals were to clarify my role to serve the future of Borrego while identifying my long term motivations and career goals and connecting them to the future and purpose of the company.  We accomplished all of our goals and as one of our executives I was able to gain focus, improve my motivation at work and feel confident in my role, which changed as a result of the engagement.”

-Aaron Hall, President of Borrego Solar Systems

“We love Ziksana’s ability to adapt to our specific needs while maintaining the integrity of the
content. The service they provide is loaded with emotional intelligence, and they practice what
they preach through their delivery style and technique. Participants come away inspired and
with new perspectives. We continue to receive positive feedback and hear success stories
even two years after delivery of service.”

-Bennett Lewis, Organization Effectiveness Supervisor of the City of San Diego Public Utilities Department

“We observed an improved sense of trust within the team. We also had the feeling that some unspoken issues were finally at the table and we could work at solving them. At an individual level, we all observed that we changed our perception of others and accepted that their different style is to be taken into consideration if we wanted our diversity to add value to the team.”

-Colin White, Global VP – Advanced Staining & Imaging at Leica Biosystems

“Over the years I have been fortunate enough to experience their talent for experiential learning several times and in very different settings. I am just amazed at their repertoire and ability to customize in every which way to match customers needs and learning situation. Our team had a new and heightened sense of awareness of each others motivations and different communication and working stiles. We left the session as a more integrated team, enriched and inspired by Ziksana’s offer of purposeful play.”

-Jasmin Lucy, Director of People, Learning and Culture at Pirch

“I hired Ziksana to design and lead an engagement with fifty management professionals at DuPont. Akshay and his team delighted us with their engaging style, positive energy and real-world results. The Ziksana team challenged my team members to step outside of our comfort zone, and delivered an unforgettable experience that improved our team dynamics and strengthened our personal bonds. I was thrilled with my experience with Ziksana from start to finish”

-Nathan Arbitman, Global Business Development Leader at DuPont

“The process was very flexible and adapted the assignment as a function of my learning preference, my workload and stress level. Ziksana’s style and approach is most appropriate for an executive who wants to understand the science of leadership and who is willingly ready to change his own behavior.”

-Ludovic Labat, GM Probe Solutions Business at Tektronix