Abigail Jones

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Abigail Jones


Abbey has been teaching the fundamentals of Linguistics to high school students for over four years, which has fueled her blog writing practice. For Ziksana, Abbey serves as our digital marketing expert who is passionate about building relationships and sharing learning about the science of play as a tool for leadership.

Abbey has over three years of experience conducting research in the field on Distributed Cognition, Community Wellness and Informal Learning with the Lab of Comparative Human Cognition at UCSD. With Dr. Angela Booker, programs at the Town & Country Learning Center are expanding to include emotional awareness, self regulation, improv comedy theater, and digital media as a means to rehearse, capture, analyze, and disperse co-created stories to improve social mobility and access to public services. Abbey’s skills in creating team building events for community members and facilitating courses for UCSD undergraduates situate Abbey to help activate a healthy, playful company culture.

Education Background

Abbey holds B.A.s in International Sociology and Linguistics from the University of California San Diego. She is currently enrolled in a Business Management Certificate Program through UCSD Extension.

Other Passions

Abbey teaches yoga in unlikely spaces, to kids in Southeast San Diego and in prisons. She loves to run on the beach with her dog Koiya, snowboard, slackline, and adventure both close to home and out in the world. Abbey is also a local improv comedy theater performer. Stay tuned to Ziksana social media to find out when & where her next show is!