Understand how to drive your team performance based on the needs of individual team members.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Teams will learn to identify motivation preferences for each person on their team.
  • Teams will communicate their purpose, understand and connect to each role of the team, and identify personal motives for taking action.
  • Teams will learn how to re-structure (if needed) roles to be more productive and cohesive to meet execution targets.
  • Team Leads will learn how to quickly check-in with their team members on roles, motivation, and purpose on a frequent basis.


  • 90 minute Professional Facilitation from a Leadership Expert.
  • Learn how to shift your tasks using higher-order motivators to improve your performance.
  • Learn how and why intrinsic and extrinsic motivations can help you achieve your goals.
  • Engage in Experiential Games and Simulations designed to help identify what factors will motivate their team members.
  • Workshop capacity up to 30 people.


  • Participants will walk away with a Personal Motivations assessment to use with their teams.