Creativity and Innovation

Creativity and Innovation2019-02-28T09:46:10+00:00

“You taught me how to create an open environment that encourages ideas without feeling judged.”

Learning Outcomes

  • Teams will learn a model of innovation, and how an efficient process and creative process can fuel one another.
  • Teams will learn how to brainstorm new ideas using ‘creative inquiry’.
  • Participants will identify stated and unstated rules of creativity in the workplace and individual play preferences that fuel curiosity and openness to new possibilities.


  • 90 minute Professional Facilitation with an Innovation Expert.
  • Participants will learn how to define a compelling opportunity for Innovation.
  • Teams will discover how to answer open-ended questions using creative inquiry.
  • Participants will establish a safe environment where ideas can flow freely and people feel supported.


  • Teams will take away a creative inquiry model to apply at work.