Why Short-Term Motivation Fails


What motivates you to go to work every day? Is it purpose? The paycheck? Neither one is right or wrong, but one may be better than the other.


When it comes to motivating employees, Daniel Pink’s book ‘Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us’ is often regarded as the gold standard. At Ziksana, we find that the work of Lindsay McGregor and Neel Doshi in the book Primed to Perform describes positive motivational factors that we’ve found to be more useful to build manager skills with our clients.


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Managers: Don’t Have Another Coaching Conversation Until You Read This


These days, a lot of people are talking about how coaching is an important skill for managers.
We absolutely believe that to be true at Ziksana. However, coaching as general term can be a
bit of a misnomer. It’s a soft skill, a people skill, which can lead managers to think, “I have to
spend more time talking to my team about what they care about- which I don’t have time for.”


“Coaching” is a catchall term, encouraging managers to learn how to have more effective
conversations with their employees. At Ziksana, we believe that there are actually two kinds of coaching: performance coaching and development coaching.

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Appreciative Listening

How well do you listen?


If you’re like most modern-day workers, you’re probably so torn between emails, smart phones, task lists, and deadlines that your human-listening skills aren’t what they should be. Think about the last conversation you had with a coworker. How much of that conversation do you remember? 50%? 20%?


Now put yourself in the speaker’s shoes. If you’re sharing with your boss, and your boss only remembers 20% of what you shared, then why even bother sharing at all?


At Ziksana, we believe that successful leaders move beyond listening to hear and instead build the skill of listening to appreciate. We call this Appreciative Listening. The goal of Appreciative Listening is to make the speaker feel valued, and truly understood without judgment. By combining active listening with positive psychology, our Appreciative Listening framework makes it simple and even fun to listen to those who we agree AND may disagree with.

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People Playing Around for Dr. Seuss

International Have Fun at Work Day!

My father has been working for a major window and door company just outside the Twin Cities in Minnesota for 18 years. He is a software engineer – a mega geek who for the longest time took a break from looking at a computer screen all day by playing on his phone – looking at another screen. This habit gave his eyes and his mind little retreat from technology and information overload. This left him constantly drained and disengaged at work.

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A man on the laptop

Energy Management

We are driving along, going and going all day long. There comes a point when we are going to need to stop for gas – to refuel our energy source. Whether we pull over to the gas station ourselves or our car simply stops itself to manage our energy level is up to us. Bottom line: we need to schedule in time to refuel. We are only as productive as our commitment to not push our engines past the limit without a refuel or an oil change.

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People sitting on stools laughing

A Dr. Seuss Holiday PlayTank(™)

The evening of Thursday, November 17th, we at Ziksana hosted our last PlayTank(™) event of 2016. PlayTank is a free, 90-minute creative workshop for professionals to network and explore using the science of play.

Unlike anything of its kind, PlayTank brings together a group of diverse, motivated leaders for a fun, educational evening with plenty of games and meaningful dialog. This event is a great opportunity to connect (and reconnect) with other professionals.

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Game Guide: Connected Stories

There is no doubt: the holidays bring people together, in the same room whether you like it or not. We at Ziksana are here to prep you on how to bring people together, on another level.

It’s inevitable that when a large group of people gets together, you may feel more comfortable with certain members of your family rather than others.  Perhaps it’s your sibling, a close cousin, or a grandparent…but one thing is certain,  it’s easy to reconnect.  

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