Building trust at work through play

Building Trust at Work through Play

“Trust is not a default. It is work and it is intentional. It is structured and it is disciplined.” Rex Miller , Author & Culture Change Expert


“We need to build trust in your team to get more done.” Perhaps you’ve heard your Leader say this at some point.  It’s easy to say, but hard to do. And you’re not alone.


According to  PwC’s Annual Global CEO survey, in 2017, across industries, levels of distrust at work have climbed to 55%. And CEOs aren’t the only ones feeling the tension: one in three employees surveyed don’t trust their manager.

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Wonder Spaces by Team Ziksana for Team Building, Play to fuel productivity

Team Ziksana at Wonder Spaces


Exactly two weeks ago, Team Ziksana bonded at Wonder Spaces, a pop-up art exhibit in San Diego.


Our play goal: to inspire our sense of wonder and awe, and to spend time connecting with each other.


Our productivity goal: to find new ways to connect people and think about work and play differently. To do so, we took time to actively reflect on how we can connect our new learnings to the work that we do.


We are constantly exploring AND integrating what we learn to the work that we do – for YOU!

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office design at Ziksana values collaboration and alone time to balance productivity and play and honor workflow preferences.

Office Design for the Future of Work

Team Ziksana moved! We are actively using our new office design to improve productivity and workflow. We’ve learned that face-to-face interactions and spontaneous conversations are important to productivity.  HBR data suggests that chance encounters and unplanned interactions improve performance. We recognize that office space is a strategic tool for growth because a well-designed workspace serves as a communication tool that can promote exploration, engagement, and energy.


In this short video tour, Team Ziksana’s President, Akshay Sateesh, invites you to take an inside look into our progress and process for office design:

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Culture of Innovation at Intuit

“At Intuit, it’s everyone’s job to innovate.” This comment about Intuit from Glassdoor describes the culture of innovation I experienced a few weeks ago at Intuit in San Diego perfectly. During my visit to Intuit last week for their Customer Experience Meetup, I was amazed at the sense of psychological safety there that fostered a hearty exchange of feedback during nearly every word spoken at this 2.5 hour Design Critique event.

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Your Brain on Creative Arts

To develop leaders, executive teams can implement the creative arts at work to train employees to embody a playful mindset for a more activated company culture. For companies facing an uncertain future or dealing with a tricky, incipient problem, embracing the creative process at work is just what your company needs. The creative arts – defined as theater, dance, art, or music – train employees to embody a playful mindset– to be curious, to ask open-ended questions, and to see the big picture, all which fuel productivity.


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People sitting on stools laughing

April Playtank @ The New Children’s Museum

 We are excited that this coming Thursday, April 13th, from 6:30-8:30pmfor the first time ever, Ziksana’s Playtank, our free monthly professional networking event, will be hosted at The New Children’s Museum. This FREE 90-minute event is for professionals to network and explore leadership topics through the science of play. This month, our theme is Why the Creative Arts Are Critical for Innovation. 

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Here are some pictures from our team visit to the New Children’s Museum yesterday morning:

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Is the Open Office Trend Responsible for Lack of Productivity?

Jason is an intrapreneur at a local car dealership in San Diego. He deals with brokers on the phone instead of customers in person most of the time, so his work is quite solitary in nature. He and I share this secluded style of work, where we interact with coworkers frequently but the majority of our most productive work is completed by ourselves.

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Even Clark

The Value of Alone Time

Why is rest so hard to take? We’ve made routines around “go-go go!” Our to-do lists are never-ending. Many of us insist on overworking for fear of letting our teams down. We feel like we don’t have the luxury of time to slow down and simply be with ourselves. But taking time to reset, recharge, and be alone in silence is an underutilized tool for effective leaders: to recharge fully now is to invest in becoming our best.


So, in a commitment to fully recharge, I take 10 minutes to sit quietly alone in silence before the day begins. I do this to be present to my own body and thoughts before applying myself to the tasks and challenges I need to solve each day. I find that priming my days with dedicated time to sit with myself in silence is vital to my success, leaving me more self-aware, focused, and ready to face the day.


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People Playing Around for Dr. Seuss

International Have Fun at Work Day!

My father has been working for a major window and door company just outside the Twin Cities in Minnesota for 18 years. He is a software engineer – a mega geek who for the longest time took a break from looking at a computer screen all day by playing on his phone – looking at another screen. This habit gave his eyes and his mind little retreat from technology and information overload. This left him constantly drained and disengaged at work.

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