Appreciative Listening

Appreciative Listening2019-02-28T09:47:06+00:00

80% implemented new behaviors to listen to others more effectively.

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop better listening skills within your team.
  • Understand how roles, responsibilities and team norms are crucial for effective teams.
  • Reinforce company values in team behaviors.


  • 90 minute professional facilitation from a leadership expert.
  • Interactive and entertaining games and exercises from Improvisation Theater will illustrate how listening and communication is critical to high performing teams.
  • Participants, both extraverted and introverted, are included in a process of play to give people courage to try new skills in the collective.
  • All activities are designed to include participants regardless of their exposure to improvisation, and are focused on concepts rather than traditional theatrical performance.


  • Simple to apply tool for team support and collaboration.